Istria terra magica – Istria the magical land – is a well-known phrase of this peninsula’s residents, as well as all of those that visited it, even for a little while.

Here, where the Alpes meet the Mediterranean, you can find hills bathed in sunshine, their fruitful land recognized even by the ancient residents such as the Greeks and Phoenicians. Here the culture and agriculture have been developing for thousands of years; the entire time Istria was the destination of different nations, opinions, cultures, architectures and gastronomical tendencies. All of this has led to a specific, rich region whose uniqueness will leave you speechless.

It comes as no surprise that Istria has so much to offer, not strictly related to seaside tourism.Here you can find everything this magical land has to offer!

The most delicious love that passes through the stomach

The continent and the Mediterranean. Cold slices and warm slow food. Light fish and rich meat of farm animals. In Istria you will find a combination of different gastronomies, which lead to a unique cuisine in which everyone can find something to their taste: meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, fish lovers and all of those looking for unusual flavours.

In this kitchen you can also find some local dishes: hand-made, traditional pasta such as fuži and pljukanci, truffle specialties, specific types of cheeses and, of course, Istrian prosciutto – all of these hold the taste of tradition, topped with the finest olive oil under the Adriatic sunshine.

Wines that soothe the palates

Thousands of years of winemaking history, started by ancient Greeks and Phoenicians, is present here due to a special kind of soil, terrain and climate. Here on the green hills you can find curvy wine roads, and from them, as if reaching the lower plains, numerous vineyards whose konobas hold the best bottles of wine. Experienced winemakers will gladly introduce you to the tradition of malvazija, teran and muscat, lead you through the paths of their ancestors and offer you traditional Istrian cheeses and prosciutto to go along this irresistible glass of wine.

Lots of nature, recreation and sports

Hills, plains, mountains, rivers, the sea, lakes, caves and canyons – all of these can be found in our Istria. Natural beauties invite you to explore them as part of different sports activities. Whether it’s classic bike ride or adventurous activities such as paragliding and quad, you can rest assured that you will be surrounded by the charms of nature, food mood and that you will bring the most amazing memories home with you.

Heaven for art and history buffs

Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, Arena in Pula, Istrian frescoes and kašteli, churches from the early Christian periods – the rich history of this region is evident in every stone that makes these monuments, every stroke of brush on these ancient walls. All of them are open for visitors and can hardly wait to tell you their secrets that have been gathering for hundreds, even thousands of years.

There are also the internationally acclaimed cultural events such as Motovun Film Festival, the Golden Lion Awards in Umag and concerts in Arena Pula, which combine history and art to create the most special experience and atmosphere.

Relaxation for your body and soul

If vacation means that you only want to relax, take a break and work on your health, visit one of Istria’s wellness centres and put yourself and your wellbeing first. Thermal waters, massages, saunas, aromatherapy, Turkish baths and the peace found in these relaxation centres will wrap a cloak of tranquillity around you and make all your troubles and worries simply evaporate.

Hospitality that makes you feel at home

Istrians will always welcome you with a smile on their faces. They will invite you into their homes with their arms wide open, introduce you to local tourist attractions, tell you the tales of their ancestors and offer you the delicacies from their konobas. Their hospitality will make you feel not just as guests, but as parts of their families.

Numerous holiday homes and apartments fulfil the feeling by giving you your second home, the one where you can relax, socialize and enjoy the lluxuries of this diverse, rich region. In the end we can conclude that Istria has something to soothe everyone’s taste.

Culture and history, recreation and relaxation, food and wine, home and warmth. Istria, magical land, invites you to stop where the mountains meet the sea, where the traditional meets the modern, where nature wraps itself around modern cities.

Book your place under the Istrian sun and experience our hospitality. We are sure you will gladly return!